Academic advising and its impact on students' excellence

date of publication : 2021-04-08
The University Counseling Department held a training course for students in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs on Wednesday, 8/18/1442 AH, entitled (Academic Advising and Impact on Students Excellence), and it was presented by Dr. Ghufran Boujmaa, a member of the faculty at the University College in Al-Khurma, where academic counseling is a 
In all its aspects (academic, psychological, health, skills, people of determination, etc.) because of its effective impact on the progress of students and their superiority, the search for the causes of their stumbling, and the attempt to overcome them by the academic advisor, hence the value of the academic advisor in the educational process and its effective role in directing Students search for obstacles that hinder their educational career and try to overcome them. The course was concluded by responding to the inquiries of students on this topic.
cornerstone of the educational stage in general and the university stage in particular,