The Dean’s Word


Peace and God’s mercy and blessing be upon you,

Taraba University College is committed to delivering modernised academic programs that prepare highly qualified human cadres. The college has kept pace with the development and modernization of the educational system in our beloved kingdom as it, indeed, attaches great importance promoting its educational, research paths as well as its administrative structure to ultimately raise its graduates’ knowledges and skills and equip them with the values of excellence, leadership and creativity.

Based on the Kingdom’s vision 2030, which aims at creating a vibrant society with strong roots and fulfilling lives, the college seeks that its students and staff contribute to sustaining the development and prosperity witnessed in Saudi Arabia Kingdom. 
The college provides the latest facilities for teaching and training as well as distinguished academic, technical and administrative staff. The college staff seek to the provision of teaching and training necessary for developing the local community and fulfilling its needs.

Finally, I extend my most sincere thanks and gratitude to the kingdom leadership for its continued care and support for our society. Special thanks as well to the university president for his constant support. May Allah to protect our country and save its leadership.


The Dean

Dr.  Adil Aldhahrani