Follow-up and Administrative Development Unit


To reach high levels of quality and excellence in providing services to all faculty members and employees and to achieve a prestigious position.


To follow up the work related to employees and members of the faculty individually so that the objectives are achieved through the implementation of all tasks related to the administrative and financial work of the College in accordance with the rules and regulations, and try to develop and maintain a distinct level in the delivery of services to the fullest.

The overall objective of the unit:

In general, the unit aims to monitor the attendance of the staff and faculty in college and ensure that everyone is performing their duties and ensure the efficiency of the work process.

initiatives and achievements of the unit:

Creating a telegram channel for the unit.

The channel’s content:

Messages to enhance content performance.

Messages for self-development

Number of subscribers: 80


The Administrative Development unit undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Organizing attendance and departure hours for female employees.
  2. Developing and following up the work’s regulations, and presenting suggestions for their development.
  3.  To comply with all regulations and instructions set by the university regarding the employees.
  4.  Training new employees.
  5.  Follow up on the absence of female employees for sick or compulsory leave.
  6.  List the names of female administrative staff who are late at the end of each month.
  7. Preparing of periodic and annual reports on the work of the administration and all its activities.