Field Training Unit


The field training unit at the university college in Turabbah seeks to develop the abilities of its students and qualify them in the professional and practical aspects to keep up with the labor market in society and advancement.

The message:

The unit offers the opportunity for its students to train in hospitals, health centers, schools and community institutions to provide them with the practical application skills of their theoretical studies and to break the gap between theory and practice to graduate students capable of creativity and excellence and promoting their institutions.

Unit Goals.

1- Provide the trainer with scientific and practical competence by actual training in the available institutions.

2- Providing students with the knowledge, concepts, principles, experiences and information required for their involvement in the labor market.

3- Give students the ability to set goals and work to achieve them.

4- Working on the theoretical framework (Theoretical knowledge) in the fields of field training.

5- Help students to use laboratory equipment and technical means effectively.

Unit Tasks:

1- Distribution of students on the training places, considering the diversity in the regions and the cases of students.

2- Continuous development of models used in field of training.

3- Consolidating work procedures in field of training in different departments, taking into consideration the nature of specialization.

4- Communicate with the concerned authorities to facilitate the field training.

5- Provide consultations during field training for all those who work on it.

6- Continue to perform performance tasks.

7- Follow-up the application tools of field training at the end of each semester.

8- Enter the data electronically and then send it to the calendar unit.

9- Utilizing the results of the evaluations to improve the efficiency of all supervisors in field training.

10- Solve problems that may face field training students.