The vision of Accounting Program aims the pursuit  academic  and vocational excellence on the local and international levels to achieve sustainable development .

The message of the Accounting Program  seeks to provide a distinguished educational and research service according to the local, regional and international levels, to meet the requirements of development and the needs of the labour market at the local and regional levels. This could occur through the compatible scientific programs  with the academic accreditation and quality standards and ethics of the profession.

The objectives  of Accounting Program :

-        The preparation of an appropriate and sufficient qualified cadres to shoulder the responsibility of their professions as accountants or auditors in the government and private sectors of Saudi Arabia .

-        The development of the educational program in line with the developments in technology and the expansion in the use of computers in the operation of the accounting information systems in the government and business sectors in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

-        Contributing to the efforts to develop the accounting profession and financial banking through cooperation with the relevant authorities in the profession.

- Providing accounting and financial services and consultations to business organizations in the Saudi market.

-        Qualifying students scientifically and practically to work in the various areas of accounting available in the labour market.

-        Encouraging the members of the teaching staff to contribute effectively to the development of the accounting knowledge through research and academic studies.

-        Take advantage of the academic and professional expertise of members of the teaching programs in the service of society as a whole in the area of specialization.