Business Administration

The Business Administration Program is one of the programs of the Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences in the University College at Rania. The total number of hours required to complete the program are (135) credit hours. When completed, the program gives a bachelor degree in business administration .

The vision of the Business Administration Program aims to achieve  pioneering in the field of business administration, scientific research and community service .

The message of the program aims at preparing and qualifying graduates in business administration. Those graduates should be able to compete in the labour market on the local ,regional and international levels .

The reasons and justifications for the establishment of the Business Administration Program can appear in the following :

The Economic reasons:

-        The need of Saudi society to qualified specialists  in the public and private sectors.

-        Harmonization with the requirements of the labour market and new jobs created as a result of technical development.

-        The ability of competitiveness  at the local , regional and  global levels .

-        Increasing in the number of projects which requires   highly qualified and efficient administrative cadres .

B. The social reasons:

-        The high degree of awareness among citizens, led to an increased demand for higher education, especially in the areas that fit with the labour market.

-        Responding to the replacement programs that require the provision of national competencies to occupy jobs in the government and private sectors .

-        The reduction of unemployment through the graduation of qualified labour market efficiencies. 

C- cultural reasons:

-        The development of cognitive and cultural awareness,  in the field of business administration in the Saudi  environment .

The objectives of Business Administration Program :

-        The commitment to Islamic values in setting the program's plans and activities . 

-        The development of students' scientific and practical abilities in the specialized areas of business administration through collaborative training, field visit to companies and institutions, and  visiting  experts and business managers to benefit from their expertise .

-        Enhancing the quality of teaching through preparing the educational environment , training the members of the teaching staff, considering the quality of study plans and   curriculums that realize national standards of quality and academic accreditation .

-        Developing students' skills in using and analysing administrative methods . Also, developing their skills to take administrative decisions .

-        Strengthening the partnership with the community institutions , building partnerships with the government and private sectors, recruitment companies, and the Human Resources Fund.

-        Contributing  to community service and keeping pace with the requirements of the Saudi labour market ,and the regional and international labour markets in the field of business administration.

-        Strengthening the values and administrative skills . Such as: the skill of time management , communication skill,  teamwork skill, the skill of using technology, the skill of research and accessing information, the skill of critical thinking, the skill of creativity and innovation, English language proficiency, etc.

-        Strengthening the relationship between the program and its graduates and providing them with support and  ways for professional progress .