The Marketing Program is one of the new programs which was established  after the restructuring of the faculty to be the University College at Rania in 38/1439 H . It has already been planned to admit students in this program in the academic year 39/1440 H. It is one of the programs that meet the needs of economic development in  Saudi Arabia and the requirements of  labour market, as well as its role in enhancing the role of the university in community service  and the building of  knowledge society. Part of the reasons and justifications that led to opening  this program include:

A) The Economic reasons: 

-        The need of the Saudi society to qualified specialists to work in private and government institutions .

-        Harmonization with the requirements of the labour market and the new jobs which resulted from technical development.

-        The ability to compete locally and regionally . 

-        Increasing  the number of projects and business institutions which require highly qualified marketing cadres .

B) The social reasons :

-        Responding to Saudization programs and providing the national staff with work opportunities .

-        Absorbing extra idleness .

-        The high degree of citizens awareness and, therefore, the increase in demand for technical education.

C) cultural reasons:

-        The development of cultural awareness and marketing knowledge .

-        Explaining the link between the program and the institution's mission.

The vision of the Marketing Program appears  in identifying the future indicators  for developing marketing science and how to  keep up with this science, which features the rapid evolution of the concept of  activities in order to be able to respond to technological and social development in the community. Therefore, the vision represents the basis for the strategic planning process to develop the marketing department and make it more capable of  keeping up with the evolution of the science of marketing and the role it plays in the service of the community.

The message  of the Marketing Program aims to make students   aware of the importance of marketing,  and its impact on the economic, social and cultural life of communities .This could be realized by preparing cadres who are able to keep pace with the evolution in these communities .

The objectives of the marketing program:

-        Developing the student's personality and abilities  in the areas of domestic and international marketing.

-        giving the necessary knowledge that stresses the role of marketing in contemporary societies .Also giving the necessary knowledge that stresses the role of marketing on the economic, social, cultural, and technological levels.

-        Serving the community through the creation of specialized cadres in the fundamentals of modern marketing science .

-        Serving the production and marketing processes  through these cadres which are expected to be capable of  studying and analysing shopping and identifying its  needs .