Computer Science

The computer sciences' vision ensures the necessity of adopting computer sciences both theoretically and technically to finally improve professionalism in government institution .

The message aims at preparing students academically and professionally through a well-planned program. The ultimate message of the program appears in offering a distinguished education and an appropriate academic environment in the theoretical and practical computer sciences .

The objectives of Computer Sciences Program:

-        Enabling the student to develop abilities and contribute to his community as a professional.

-        Preparing the student for the labour market, and promoting self-confidence and the necessary skills of solving problems.

-        The development of the organizational , professional and social awareness.

-        Preparing  graduates to be capable of contributing effectively in the academic , industrial and commercial fields.

-        Adapting graduates with the latest developments in the  labour market .

-        Developing students' research skills .

-        Developing students' communication and leadership skills.