The Chemistry Program is one of the new programs which was established  after the restructuring of the faculty to be the University College at Rania in 38/1439 H . It has already been planned to admit students in this program in the academic year 39/1440 H .

The chemistry program vision appears in its aspiration to take steps up the ladder of distinction and offering integrated   educational services  to improve students' skills and concepts to finally be able to compete in the labour market and to fulfil its requirements .

The message of the Chemistry Program appears in  preparing an  appropriate learning environment to achieve  academic development,  developing  students' scientific and practical skills ,  improving the quality of program outputs, and familiarizing the members of the teaching staff with the concepts and practices of self-development to enhance their performance .

The objectives of  Chemistry Program :

-        Providing excellent education for students majoring in chemistry, and  developing their scientific and practical skills.

-        preparing highly qualified students who are able to contribute effectively in fulfilling the requirements of  development plans in the kingdom.

-  Preparing students properly to continue their high graduate studies in different universities inside and outside the country .

-        The developing the spirit of scientific research and encouraging creativeness  .

-        The preparation of scientifically qualified cadres to meet the needs of the labour market, the public and the private sectors.

-        Introducing programs and development plans to solve  industrial problems in Saudi Arabia.