The Physics Program was established in the year 1429  under the name of physics department . It was established among other  four sections of the faculty . 

The vision is to establish a program that offers practical  educational services to develop students concepts and skills to finally realize the utmost standards of distinction .  

The message of the program aims to create an appropriate learning environments that paves the way for academic advancement and the promotion of students learning and practical skills . The message , also , aims to  improve the quality of program outputs, and the adoption of the concepts and practices that help the members of the teaching staff to develop professional abilities .

The objectives of Physics program :

-        The preparation of qualified students to  participate in the kingdom's programs and plans of development in the future .

-        Equipping graduates with the skills of thinking ability and  scientific creativity .

-        Teaching physics to the students of different programs in the college and university .

-        Paying attention to the theoretical and applied scientific research.

-        Providing scientific services in the field of physics and non-governmental sectors.

-        contributing to spreading cultural knowledge in the field of physics through holding seminars and scientific conferences and encouraging the Arabization of sciences through compilation, publication and translation.

-        Designing the necessary future strategies  to upgrade the  students' skills and creativity in the physics program.

-         Working on the development of students' skills as regards self-learning ,  increasing their academic and practical acquisition and , also , their social  and technical skills.

-        Working on organizing student trips to places of production and factories in the area of specialization in order to increase the practical experience.

-        Working on the establishment of more advanced research labs for the students to solve some of the problems of factories and companies.

-  linking what student study with the  requirements of the labour market .

  - Holding symposia , conferences and workshops and issuing brochures to  develop  the skills of the student and individuals in community .

-        The development of exchange and cooperation with various educational institutions at home and abroad .