Early childhood

The establishment  kinder-garden program occurred in the first semester of the Academic Year 1437/1438 H. There were a number of reasons behind its establishment :

-        To Keep up with the development requirements and the needs of the labour market in the field of early childhood.

-        To provide opportunities for work in early childhood, governmental and private institutions.

-        To contribute to community service through the circulation of modern educational strategies in the area of early childhood. 

-        To contribute to developing graduates'  teaching and educational skills  .  

-        The organization and maintenance of  knowledge and heritage in early childhood. 

-        The provision of early childhood programs and training courses .

The Kinder-garden Program vision aims to achieve distinction in the field of early childhood education on the local and national levels to finally guarantee contribution to the general development in Saudi Arabia .

The Kindergarten Program message is to graduate qualified female-teachers with abilities to compete in labour market and contribute to conducting scientific researches in the field of children education .

The objectives of Early Childhood Program:

The program seeks  to achieve the following objectives:

-        The establishment of high Islamic values and ideals, and the strengthening of the national identity in Arab and Islamic countries.

-        The preparation of specialized and distinguished female teachers with abilities to employ advanced technology in teaching high quality courses .

-        Preparing early childhood female teachers to have efficiency in the design of an appropriate environment for   children's growth and the learning  process .

-        The early childhood teacher should be able to employ her skills when dealing with people who relate to the children enrolled in the program .

-        Providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills  to understand the nature and development of  child in various areas, and prepare them to assume the functions of teaching and supervision in the  early childhood institutions and non-governmental organizations. 

-        Training  students on the modern teaching methods and showing them how to inculcate educational and behavioural principles within children .  

-        contributing to the development of students understanding as regards the nature of early childhood curricula .

-        Developing study plans on the basis of modern educational trends and the  actual needs of local community , labour market and the requirements of national standards to guarantee the quality of education and academic accreditation.

-        Developing  community awareness of the importance of early childhood and its impact on personality growth  through the organization of seminars, training programs and workshops.

-        Conducting scientific research in order to provide solutions to the problems of early childhood . This can occur by  partnership with government agencies and civil society institutions to finally ensure sustainable development.

-        Realizing effective integration between the kindergarten children with special needs and their ordinary  peers .

-        The consolidation of the concept of community partnership between the kindergarten program  and the local community through the provision of educational and professional consulting services in the areas of early childhood.

-        The development of genuine partnership between the early childhood programs in all Saudi universities to exchange knowledge that reflects on the quality of outputs .