The program was established ( students' section only) in the academic year 1435/1436 H under the name of the Department of Shariah and Islamic Studies . In the academic year 1436- 1437, the study began in the female section . In the academic year 1437/1438, the first batch was graduated bearing old name of Shariah and Islamic Studies Department 

In the academic year 1438 AH/1439 , the name of the department was changed to Shariah Program . The program offers a bachelor's degree in Shariah and teaches the students of other programs  courses on Islamic culture . Obtaining a bachelor degree in Islamic Shariah  requires  the completion of(169) credit hours distributed to eight levels  where  students study (18) University Requirement, and  (151) college requirement . 

The  old name of the program attracted students and this appeared in the increased  number of students who desired  to enrol in the program. In the first year, the number of students was thirty , and in the following year seventy students enrolled in the program .

The program vision is to become an outstanding Islamic Shariah centre with a social contribution and competitive presence .

 The message  of the program can appear in creating a distinguished scientific environment that meets the standards of comprehensive quality to rehabilitate qualified specialists in the field of Islamic Shariah . This can take place by :

-        The development of students creativity and criticism abilities .

-        Spreading  Islamic moderation and promoting the concept of moderation in thought and behaviour.

-        The confirmation of   sticking to the Islamic identity, and promoting the spirit of religious affiliation in Students

The objectives of Islamic Shariah Program:

-        The preparation of specialists in Islamic Shariah who are characterized by knowledge and the necessary skills to practice  scientific and research activities and who are able to accompany theory with practice .                                             –-        -  Paying attention to emerging issues and communicating effectively with the centures and institutions of common interest.

-        contributing to satisfying the need of labour market with specialists in the field of Shariah.

-   contributing to the consolidation of moderation and awareness among the members of society and protecting them from  intellectual deviations.

-        The consolidation of correct Islamic belief that is derived from the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah.

-        contributing to the formation of the righteous  Muslim who is useful to himself , community and nation.

-        Preparing scientific research that serves Islam and Muslims.

-        The study of social problems and providing legitimate solutions for them.