Arabic Language

The Arabic Language Program is one of the Academic Programs of the University  College at Rania . Admission to this program  has started six years ago in the of the female section , while it started in the male section in the academic year 37/1438 H . The vision of the Arabic Language and Literature program seeks to establish a distinguished program both  locally and regionally. A program that can graduate qualified students in the field of Arabic language and its literature . 

The message of  Arabic language and literature appears in contributing to the maintenance of Qur'an language and  enhancing its values in the hearts of students and preparing qualified individuals to serve their religion and nations.

The study plan is based on designing courses that cover the various branches of the Arabic language like syntax, morphology,  the different types  of literature, criticism ,rhetoric, etc.

 The objectives of  Arabic Language Program :

-        Paying attention to the language of the Qur'an, and enhancing its values in the hearts of students.

-        The preparation of  national qualified specialists in the field of Arabic Language and Literature .

-        Granting the contemporary development needs associated with the different areas of the Arabic language and its skills.

-  The contribution to teaching the requirements of  university and colleges and , also, offering  linguistic, literary and cultural consultations.

-        The contribution to community service by implementing  programs organized by the university in order to develop the language skills of people in different aspects of life .