Deputy Governor of Makkah attends the graduation of 14661 TU students and signed a memorial document of congratulations

date of publication : 2019-03-17

On Wednesday evening the Deputy Governor of Makkah Region Prince Badr bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz attended the TU graduation ceremony of the fifteenth batch of students held in King Fahad Sports City in Hawiyya. During the ceremony Prince Badr bin Sultan signed a memorial document of congratulations to the graduates and honored top graduates in different disciplines.

In a speech at the ceremony, TU President Dr. Husam bin Abdulwahhab Zaman officially announced the endorsement of the University Council of the graduation of 14661 TU students in the fifteenth batch. TU President welcomed Prince Bader bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz on his first official visit to Taif province and thanked him for honoring the graduation ceremony. In his speech, Dr. Zaman recalled the generosity of the late Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz manifested by his granting the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Medical Education Complex to house of TU’s health colleges. Such a grant, Dr. Zaman said, made it easy for a new group of doctors, specialists, and researchers to pursue knowledge in health fields, including graduates of this batch, who will always bear witness to the generosity and humanity of His Highness, may God have mercy on His soul.

TU President reviewed the University's efforts to provide an educational and media environment conducive to continuous improvement and development, including launching its institutional transformation project to become an independent non-profit institution by 2030.

Dr. Zaman pointed out that TU had launched a project for the transformation of 27 new graduate programs in partnership with the beneficiaries in the public and private sectors after the successful completion of the Programmatic Transformation Project at the BA level last year, as well as the completion of 11 projects in the second phase of the Digital Transformation Initiative. Dr. Zaman added, "In all of this, TU adopted transformation in accordance with global visions by establishing many new partnerships with prestigious international universities. TU also adopted the University without Walls initiative, launched by Prince Khaled Al Faisal, Governor of Makkah Region, and Advisor to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.”

Addressing the graduates, Dr. Zaman said, "By earning your degrees, you have realized one dream of your life. And now you embark upon your new journey of practical life with its great challenges at a stage when your country is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in all fields led by our father and master, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, and supported by His Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.” To the parents of the graduates, Dr. Zaman also said, "Today you are our guests, just as yesterday you were our partners in the success of your children. That’s why we insisted on your attendance to share with us all the celebration, joy, and pride at the moment of their graduation."

For his part, TU Dean of Admissions and Registration Dr. Waslallah Swat said that the number of graduates in the fifteenth batch in various disciplines totaled 404 MA students, 1132 higher diploma students, 12826 BA students, 267 sub-collegiate diploma students, 32 graduates in the unit for non-native Arabic speakers. He also pointed that the number of female graduates was 8758, while the number of male graduates was 5903. In terms of nationality, the number of Saudi graduates was 14333 students, while the graduates of other nationalities were 328.

Graduates of the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Applied Medical Sciences, and Pharmacy took the Hippocratic Oath recited by the Dean of the College of Medicine at the University Dr. Dalal Namangani.