the execution of the necessary precautionary measures within the campuses

date of publication : 2020-09-10

       Taif University, represented by the Simulation and Medical Training Center, has fully prepared for the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 1441-1442 AH during the execution of the necessary precautionary measures within the campuses. Following the announcement of the Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, the mechanism of returning to study after coordination with the concerned authorities, regarding the preparation of safe return for the first 7 weeks of study.
      The center is prepared to receive male and female healthcare colleges according to a plan and precautionary measures that cover many aspects, such as: entry and visit procedures, examination and contact tracing, space arrangements and physical distancing, the availability of an educational model to ensure an appropriate and effective approach to maintain the health and safety of everyone.                                                                                     
      Staff of the center were assigned to follow up with the implementation of the preventive measures that are recommended, such as: ensuring the availability of hand soap in the toilets, ensuring the availability of disinfectants and their use according to the method of use, strict commitment to routinely cleansing environmental surfaces with disinfectants, keenness to disinfect public places and courses The water that students visit, with a focus on places where the possibility of contact is high, such as door handles, seat cushions, elevator switches, etc., periodically, and finally, ensuring that the classrooms and gathering places are well ventilated and it is preferable to use natural ventilation.