Establishment of the Society

Establishment of the Society

Taif University is proud to host the Saudi Dental Technology Society in the belief that it is important to develop and serve this vital specialty in Saudi Arabia. This association is the first in the Kingdom to specialize in dental technology in all its scientific and professional fields.

The Saudi Society for Dental Technology Society was established on Jun 2020, following the approval by the Minister of Education of the decision of the Council of the University of Taif.  The Saudi Dental Technology Society is an independent scientific society, administratively and financially, whose work is overseen by the Scientific Societies Department at Taif University. The headquarters of the Society is Taif University, Taif City, Saudi Arabia. The Assembly may establish branches in other parts of the Kingdom if necessary and in the interest of that purpose.

The idea of establishing this scientific society at Taif University was based on a number of grounds can be presented as follows:

  • To contribute to the realization of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 with regard to the development of dental technology  education in accordance with the national transformation program in order to improve the health and performance of the dental technologists in the Kingdom.

  • To establish a scientific network and a house of expertise from specialists in Saudi universities and various government and private sectors and to invest their scientific and professional expertise in the fields of specialization of the Society.

  • The absence of a clear association or reference for specialists and those interested in dental technology in the Kingdom aimed at the continuous development and improvement of practical and professional output. The purpose of the society is to try to fill the gap in this aspect.

  • The problems facing professionals and those interested in dental technology are numerous and complex. This requires concerted efforts and the use of expertise within a specialized scientific association of legal character, which serves as a scientific and professional reference for all aspects of dental technical sciences.

  • Develop a reference entity representing the specialty of dental technology in local and international cooperation with leading associations in areas of specialization to benefit from local and global partnerships with outstanding expertise.


Procedures for the establishment of the Society :

  • The department of basic oral medicine and allied dental sciences in the college of Dentistry at Taif University initiated the initiative to establish the Saudi Dental Technology Society at the level of Saudi Arabia.
  • The college ؤouncil approved the establishment of the Saudi Dental Society, followed by the approval of the request for establishment by His Excellency the Minister of Education.
  • In accordance with article 28 of the regulations of the Higher Education Council, which require the nomination of five members for the establishment phase (Dr. Ali Saleh Alzahrani, Dr. Amar Alshumrani, Dr. Yasser Althubaiti, Dr. Nayef Felemban, and Dr. Abdulrahman Al Hasani)
  • On the basis of the members' vote to elect a president from among them for the establishment phase, the president of the University issued decision appointing His Excellency Dr. Ali Saleh Alzahrani as interim President of the founding phase for the Saudi Dental Technology Society.
  • The Constituent Committee immediately commenced its tasks on December 2020 which include announcing the establishment of the society , setting up a website and e-mail for society, preparing a society induction manual, receiving applications the society membership, and preparing a comprehensive file for the work of the establishing  committee for submission to the first General Assembly of the society.