Head of the Unit for Moderation and Intellectual Security

Head of Unit:

The University is keen to promote the principle of moderation and moderation, and to combat intellectual deviation and extremism through its educational, educational, research and research role, and its material and human resources, making it the most capable institution to enhance and achieve intellectual security.

From this point of view, His Excellency the Rector, Dr. Hossam bin Abdul Wahhab Zaman, on the establishment of the unity of moderation and intellectual security, which is one of the priorities of the university, which is joining forces with the efforts of the state and society in achieving it, in order to national cohesion and fight against deviant intellectual currents, and a publication of tolerance, moderation and moderation and deepening loyalty to God and then to religion and then to the leaders of this country , Away from the positions of division and deviation and extremism.

Based on the above, the unit is based on two tracks:
• Adopting policies, plans and advisory councils to be the unit's path.
• Programs and events that achieve the Unit's mission and objectives in cooperation with all faculties, faculties and departments of the University.

(Who believe and did not wear their faith in the injustice of those who have security and they are guided)

Head of the moderation and intellectual security unit

Doctor. Masfer bin Ayedah al - Maliki
Email: m.malki@tu.edu.sa