General Supervisor of the Medical Services Center


CURRENT POSITION:  Dean, College of Medicine. Taif University .

                          Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Professor of Pathology

College of Medicine

Taif University,Taif, Saudi Arabia From sep2016 till present. Vice dean, college of medicine from sept 2011 till sept 2016

Consultant Anatomic Pathologist /cytopathologist  Taif University medical service center , from February 2017 till present


MIAC   International Academy of Cytology, October

CAPAM   Affliate Member & inspector of College of American                                                   Pathologists ,2001

IFCAP   International Fellow and inspector of College of American                                                   Pathologists ,2008

IAP   Member   International Academy of cytology  ,2000



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1. Head of the Tumor Board committee , Al Hada Armed Forces Hospital, Taif , KSA , 2001-2006.

2. Member of Credential Committee , Al Hada Armed Forces Hospital, Taif , KSA ,2005-2006. 3. Active member of the Patient Safety  Committee as part of the Total Quality Management in Al Hada Armed Forces Hospital, 2003-2006.

4. Member of Patient Safety and Risk Mnagement Committee ,KAASH ,Taif , 2007 till present. 5. Head , Blood Utilization Committee ,KAASH ,Taif , 2008 till present.

6. Head , Tissue Committee , KAASH ,Taif , 2008 till present.


1. Member , Accreditaion and quality university committee , 2014 till present.

2. Member , research &ethics committee , scientific board, Taif university.


1. Member , Curriculum Committee , 2011.

2. Member , Medical education board 2011 till present.

3. Head , Scientific committee , Phase 2, 2011 till present.

4. Member, Strategic planning committee , 2011 till present.

5. Member, Executive committee , 2011 till present.


1. Head , chemical Safety committee ,2011 till 2014.

2. Member , continuous medical education and training committee , 2011 till 2014. MEMBERSHIP ON OUTSIDE COMMITTEES:

1. CAP preparation for accreditation committee , MOH, Riyadh ,2013 till prsent

2. Member, Breast  Cancer Guideline Committee, Saudi Oncology Society – 2011 (completed) 3. Quality Management Consultant, Ministry of Health – 2010 – present

4. Member , Saudi Oncology Society SOS, 2009 till present.


  1. College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accreditation
  1. CAP Accreditation at AlHada Military Hospital.
  2. Involvement in CAP Accreditations.
  1.  Quality Management Consultant for Ministry of Health