internal audit / Tasks


Examine the accounting records to ensure regularity and correctness of financial entries and integrity of accounting guidance.

Audit the funds, check their books, records and documents, and verify that the inventory is done according to the applicable rules.

Audit warehouses, check their books, records and documents, and verify that the inventory, assessment and storing techniques are done according to the applicable rules.

Audit financial reports and final accounts that are done by the competent unit and verify their compliance with applicable laws, regulations, instructions and policies in the University.

Monitor work progress at the University and its units to make sure they comply with financial laws, regulations and procedures, and verify they are sufficient and appropriate.

Audit contracts and agreements to which the university is a party to verify the commitment thereto.

Examine complaints raised to the department about administrative, financial and other violations in accordance with the powers entrusted to the department.

Conduct inspection campaigns on the University main or sub-units.

Evaluate the internal control systems, including the accounting system, to verify they are integral and suitable, identify drawbacks if any, and recommend appropriate means and procedures to address the same in order to ensure protection of the University's funds and properties against embezzlement, lost, manipulation etc…

Evaluate the organizational structure sufficiency of the University in terms of identifying powers and responsibilities and settle conflicted competencies as well as other organizational aspects.

Evaluate the extent of goals achievement of the University units and analyze the deviation grounds, if any.

Identify the misuse areas of the University material and human resources by the University units and provide the remedy for the same and avoid their occurrence in the futuProvide consultation regarding the draft of University's estimated budget.

Provide consultation to University units to add value to its operations through developing internal control systems, governance applications, or risk management.

Provide consultation upon request according to the department's capabilities and what they have of expertise, knowledge and skills while maintaining its independence and objectivity, including (training employees in university units on how to set control procedures and adhering to them, providing technical recommendations for workers in university units to help them accomplish the tasks assigned to them on Optimization).

Promote and reinforce the concept of self-monitoring among University employees.

Any other tasks assigned to the department within its specialty by the University