Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Peace and God’s mercy and blessing be upon you:

Taif University, considered one among the pioneering universities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, seeks through the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to spread and enhance the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The main goal of the center is to transform the creative ideas submitted by innovators and pioneers at the university and community level into emerging companies that provide job opportunities and generate profits to ensure economic and social sustainability. This is done in harmony with With the Kingdom's vision 2030.

Among major tasks of the Centern, we can cite the incubation of emerging projects and creative ideas, providing logistical support through the  establishment of workshops, seminars and courses, organizing specific events, providing consultations, registering innovations and converting them into economic products.

In conclusion, the center is keen to transfer and exchange technology and knowledge and seeks to provide an incubator for businesses to support ideas and small and micro projects to ensure their sustainability. The center will also be the headquarters for one of the offices of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property to protect creativity and to maximize the benefit of the university’s support for scientific research and facilitate the registration of patents submitted by members of the university, students and beneficiaries.

Dr. Abdullah Alhumaidi Alghannami

Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center