Our vision

Taif University will become a leading university in innovation and entrepreneurship, in line with the Kingdom  vision of 2030.

Our Mission

Taif University has a large supply of knowledge and resources (researchers, researchers, projects, research labs, giant libraries and a network of relationships with the private sector and businessmen). These resources can be used to help the staff and the  students of the university to transform their ideas into projects and perhaps  companies that can compete and provide quality products for the local and international market.

Our Goals

  1. To spread the culture of entrepreneurship among students, staff and graduates of the university, as well as among the people of Taif, and to provide non-material support to entrepreneurs who have ideas that may arise in the future small or micro-enterprises only. 
  2. Discovering and encouraging talents and innovators within the university and also local residents of Taif.
  3. To help young entrepreneurs from Taif, transform their ideas into micro-enterprises that contribute into supporting the local output.
  4. Working with Taif University faculties to find projects that can be transformed them into start-ups that provide employment opportunities for young graduates and make a profitable profit for the students. 
  5. Encourage university graduates to engage in entrepreneurship in order to further advance their careers.