Research units opened in the Center for Research in High Altitude

date of publication : 2021-03-29

On Sunday 15/8/1442 AH, corresponding to 3/28/2021 AD
    Under the patronage of His Excellency the Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Prof. Dr. Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Swat, and in the presence of His Excellency the Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Walaa bin Fahd Al-Sanea, and the presence of a number of researchers, the medical research unit and the environmental research unit were opened at the High Areas Research Center at the Deanship of Scientific Research, which will It serves all researchers and those interested in these scientific and applied aspects of researchers and graduate students in the various faculties of the university.
We thank everyone for their participation and we are happy to serve them
Altitude Research Center - next to the Deanship of Scientific Research - Building No. 3
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