A Word from the General Supervisor

Thanks to Allaah for grace and virtue and hope to help us to complete our missions in the form that wishes us in the service of our religion, our country, our people, our sons and daughters under the wise leadership of our beloved Kingdom.

The Directorate General for Staff and Staff Affairs is responsible for the implementation, management and follow-up of jobs and appointments at Taif University within the framework of full compliance with all regulations and rules governing the recruitment process through clear objectives and ambitious plans in accordance with the Ministry of Education plans in coordination with the Ministry of Civil Service and Ministry Financial and in line with the advancement of the University of Taif to the ranks of distinguished universities not only at the level of the Kingdom, but the world at large.

We ask God Almighty to be at the good of everyone, as we are honored to perform and provide the services of this Department and what has been assigned to it and what has been placed on the shoulders of all its employees who have been carefully selected and narrated relying on their competencies and speed of absorption and good creation of them all and their constant commitment to their religion and consciences in their dealings With all those who are asked for any job requirement ..

                                                                               Director General of the Department of Faculty and Staff Affairs

                                                                                                      Yazee bin Soliman Al-Otaibi