Researchers Supporting Project (TURSP)

Scientific research is one of the primary tasks of faculty members at universities. Development of Taif University in terms of research and academia can be achieved by elevating the level of scientific research, focusing on publications indexed in Web of Science (ISI) journal databases. Also, of vital importance is encouraging and supporting the university’s researchers to increase the number of high-quality scientific publications in order to achieve 2030 vision. This will place Taif University in the distinguished position among other local and international universities, expanding and improving the reputation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Given the indicators of the university’s scientific publication rate for the current year (2020), supportive resources for the university’s scientific researchers must be found.


Taif University began to take great steps towards advanced and distinguished scientific research, as the university has attracted several highly cited researchers with high-quality research outputs, working in research teams with prominent Taif University researchers in various scientific and applied disciplines, which in turn will contribute to raising the university’s international research quality. In addition, Taif university has initiated new supporting programs, such as TURSP




A one-year renewable program will be launched by the university’s Higher Coordinating Committee to support scientific publications in ISI journals, which should not conflict with current research programs or projects.

General Supervisor of the Program:

Vice president for graduate studies and scientific research

Program members:

The advisory board and executive committee, which will facilitate the international emergence of Taif University via projects to activate research and distinguished scientific publications.

The targeted university researchers:

Faculty members and most-published researchers (X-Contributors)

Rules of work

  • Direct contact is made with faculty members and the most published, distinguished researchers in the university. Researchers that can publish papers in the ISI are ascertained, verifying any research papers that are suspended, pending, ready, or almost ready for publication and currently have no link to other programs or research projects at the university; thereby avoiding any conflicts or duplication of financial resources.
  • An agreement is made between the general supervisor of the program and each researcher to support his/her required work. The expected time of completion is determined, provided that the agreement includes a declaration by the researcher (based on scientific trust) on the originality of the research, lack of prior publication, and his/her full scientific and ethical responsibility.
  • Research papers must be published in the ISI Web of Science SCIE and SSCI 
  • The next research is determined according to the same mechanism
  • The agreement is automatically renewed with each researcher upon completion of his/her previous work.
  • It does not cancel the program agreement, nor does it conflict with the obligations and research activity of researchers in research programs and projects currently existing at the university or outside of it.
  • Workshops are held that support the increase in scientific publications and deal with distinguished international researchers to participate in workshops and research cooperation (advisory and implementation support projects).