scientific publication Awards for Faculty Studying Abroad




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The Scientific Publication for Awards Faculty Studying Abroad

Terms and Conditions

1-The scholarship student should be the first author on the published paper.

2- the affiliation must include Taif University, and the arrangement is not required to mention affiliation.

3- the paper must include external researcher (authors) from the university he is being to.

4- The reward is paid for published scientific papers in the form of: only original research article or review

5- the research must not be funded by Taif University, but it can be funded by an external one.

6- approved letter that the student is still in university scholarship

7- The financial value of the bonus is approved in accordance with what is applicable in the Scientific Publication Reward Initiative

8- This reward applies to scientific papers that are published after 1/1/2021.


 Submission mechanism:

1. To be submitted to the website.

2. The main researcher should apply personally on the reward website and fill in the reward data.

3. Upload a complete copy of the research manuscript in a PDF format to the website.

4. Fill out the application form for publishing a scientific publication bonus (printed on the computer), please note forms filled in by hand are not accepted.

5. Attach the appointment letter to the university.

6. Fill out the report form of the faculty examination committee on the application of the criteria for the research rules in the scientific discovery program adopted in the scientific council at its fifth session held on (8/2/1440).

7. Fill out the “Acknowledgment” form for the research submitted for the purpose of disbursement of the reward, according to which no previous support for the published research has been received.

8. Fill out the “Bank Data” form.



Award value


Science (elSSN:1095-9203)


Nature (elSSN:1476-4687)