Guidelines for Ethics in Scientific Research

One of the main priorities of the University of Taif is the scientific research, which is one of the main tasks of the university to which the knowledge society aspires, because the outstanding scientific research contributes to solving some of the problems of society and in order to achieve this, researchers at the university must strive to achieve the highest standards of research excellence while adhering to the ethics of research and in accordance with Islamic law, and related legal systems.

Therefore, TaifUniversity has formed a specialized team of competent experts to develop the ethics of scientific research that all university researchers must adhere to.

A report on research excellence, adherence to ethical principles, and achievement of scientific innovation in the areas of effective community partnership.

To ensure that researchers adhere to the ethics of scientific research, to preserve the safety of researchers and research participants, to apply biosafety standards, to follow applied research, to take care of environmental fields, and to establish a framework and rules for measuring the ethics of scientific research at the university.

Method of submission to the Ethical Committee for Scientific Research:

  1. The student or the researcher shall submit an email to the secretary of the committee, including  the research project proposal and the specific forms according to the type of study.
  2. The student must take the approval of the supervisor of the research with an official letter from the supervisor of the research through the college concerned.
  3.  All models and research proposal should be in word format.
  4. The supervisor's letter should be in the pdf format only.
  5. In case of inquiry please communicate with the Secretary of the Committee (Mohammad Zahrani):

• Via e-mail committee

• By telephone 0555154580 or convert it to 1220 - ip2230