Proposals accepted (RDO)

date of publication : 2019-10-22

It is a pleasure for the Deanship of Scientific Research - Science and Technology Unit - to congratulate the faculty members of the university whose research proposals have been accepted and supported by the Research and Development  Office (RDO) - Ministry of Education  wishing them all the best and excellence and to represent their university honorably.

Proposal Title

Research Field

From fatty liver to cancer liver: how nanomedicine resolve the gene expression profile and regenerate the liver


Growth Factor Releasing Porous Silicon/Polymer Composite Nanofibers Prepared by Airbrush Nebulization as Scaffolds and Coatings for Implants and Devices.


 Solar Driven Transportable Refrigerator for Postharvest Crops Handling   Form Desert Areas Farms

Renewable Energy

 Increasing the penetration and reliability of wind energy by using real-time   line thermal rating and battery energy storage systems

Renewable Energy