Future Researcher

date of publication : 2019-09-26

Future Researcher Program is one of the programs supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research. One of the research project from the Faculty of Science was published in an international journal with ISI and presented to a delegation from the World Health Organization in Taif city.

The student's work was presented by Shaden Issa Al-Matani under the supervision of Dr. Reham Zakaria Mustafa, Assistant Professor of Animal Physiology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science. The delegation commended the research project of the student and the efforts of Dr. supervising the research and its practical parts. The delegation was proud of her work that shedid such a research at a young age predicting her study abroad and that the program will completely affect her personality and urged her to continue to serve her country. The delegation wasappreciated the effort of the University, the Deanship of Scientific Research and the Faculty of Science in supporting the project and offered to support the research by publishing other practical parts of it in an international journal with impact factor of the World Health Organization with the support of the World Health Organization to disseminate these important recommendations for health life.