Dean's word

Praise be to God, and may blessings and peace be upon the most honorable creation of God, our master Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him.
There is no doubt that science and knowledge are the most important pillars of building nations and civilizations, and the library is one of the most important sources for obtaining knowledge, and it is the most powerful source of knowledge, preserving history, culture and human knowledge, transferring it from generation to generation and developing it through the ages. It is a complex and basic structure in any university in the world, and no university can do without the library.
Therefore, the least that the Deanship of Library Affairs at Taif University could offer was to provide information resources that raise the efficiency of education and keep abreast of technical and technological developments and digital transformation that keep pace with the vision of our beloved Kingdom 2030, and from this standpoint all the branch libraries of the Central University Library at Taif University were included, whose role was not It is limited to providing the knowledge base, but rather plans, strategies and objectives have been developed that enable it to deliver information to the beneficiary in his place and improve its performance and quality. 
With God's help, paper and electronic information sources that can be used in accordance with the rules and regulations of intellectual property rights were provided through the Deanship's website, which provided all forms electronically and applied community partnerships that the university pursues to support the educational and research process. The Deanship did not neglect to provide the library with paper, electronic and audio books to be a reference for the beneficiary , 
Electronic services were provided, such as photocopying, printing, and self-services, and the Deanship sought to provide services for people with disabilities by allocating a hall equipped with the most modern equipment to serve this group, which is dear to everyone. . 
In conclusion, we ask God Almighty that our service reflected our ambition and our desire to highlight the role of the Deanship.
God bless

Dean of the Deanship of Library Affairs
Dr. Hind Thallab Aljuaid