Activities and Achievements

  • - Supervising the university graduate programs in coordination with the faculties.
  • - Organizing and following up the affairs of scholarship students by the university for postgraduate studies outside and within the kingdom as well as those who are sent abroad for training.
  • - Organizing and following up the procedures for appointing university lecturers and professors.
  • - Studying the programs (diploma and masters) offered by different departments of the faculties of the university.
  • - Preparing the organizational structure of the Deanship and the privilages of the Deanship units.
  • - Preparing all forms for graduate programs, students, internal regulatory procedures and scientific thesis guidlines.
  • - Study the proposed amendments in the plans of the graduate programs.
  • - Gather the necessary information about the graduate programs available in the universities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially with respect to the master's and doctorate programs, and the admission requirements required in different disciplines.