Dean's Word

In the name of Allah, thanks to Allah, and peace be upon his messenger. It is my pleasure to be an employee of the higher education sector in our beloved country, which is witnessing a qualitative transition by establishing new universities and distinguished research centers, which will contribute – Allah willing – to the preparation of a generation of national cadres that are able to push-forward the efforts of development in the country. The Deanship of Higher Studies in Taif University is a part of this system of higher education, represented in sending abroad a lot of young people on scholarships and academic tasks to the most modern universities and most prominent research centers. This way, they are prepared to become stars in the skies of this precious country. In addition to that, there are the programs of higher studies in all specializations in the University, which serve a lot of those desiring to pursue their higher education. Therefore, we ask of Allah the almighty to make all our deeds devoted to his own sake, and to grant the reward to the rulers of our generous country.