Vice Deanship of Community Sustainability

The Vice Deanship of Community Sustainability (VDCS) at the Deanship of Community Service and Sustainable Development at Taif University seeks to build and support the capabilities of individuals and local community institutions according to their needs. The Vice Deanship is keen, through its strategic plan, to provide a variety of community services to all segments of society by specialized cadres, with innovative visions and sustainable development contributions.

Achieving leadership in community and administrative services for volunteer work practices

Entrenching community service practices and voluntary work by providing qualitative development programs, and advisory and awareness services suiting the needs of different groups and institutions of society


  • Developing plans and drawing strategies for community participation and volunteering activities
  • Designing and organizing community participation programs and services and volunteer work activities aimed at activating community partnerships
  • Providing a supportive and stimulating environment to provide quality community services and distinctive voluntary practices
  • Raising awareness and its applications among university employees and community groups
  • Providing a reference base for community and volunteer services at the university
  • Enhancing the university’s orientation in automating transactions, standardizing forms and working mechanism for community participation

The VDCS has three main units:

Community Responsibility Unit:  It aims at increasing the university's community participation, bridging integration and exchanging experiences with external parties, and implementing initiatives and events related to community service and sustainable development.

Volunteer Work Unit:  It aims at spreading the culture of volunteer work and organizing volunteer efforts with all governmental and private parties, to contribute to the service of all segments of society.

Community Enrichment Unit:  It aims at enhancing community awareness by providing various awareness campaigns that contribute to educating community members in all aspects of their lives.