Drug Interactions Initiative

date of publication : 2020-10-29

Taif University, represented by the Deanship of Community Service and Sustainable Development, and the volunteer health team "Qudwa" participated in the "Drug Interactions" initiative in Al-Radf Park, in cooperation with the Taif Governorate Municipality.

The initiative focused on educating the community about the seriousness of drug interactions and the interactions that occur between them, and focused on correcting misconceptions when taking medications, in addition to measuring attendance sugar.

The campaign was implemented by members of the "Qudwa" volunteer health team, who are 9 students from various health specialties. The number of beneficiaries of the initiative reached 200.

In addition, 52 male and female volunteers from Taif University participated in the implementation of the "Confident Steps" initiative to organize the entry of more than 800 students who participated in the measurement tests that were held within two weeks in the morning and evening periods at the university headquarters.