Dean’s Message

Dear student,

You are welcome to your second home, Taif University. The Deanship of Supportive Studies undertakes the management of all general English language courses at Taif University. This effort came after a thorough and intensive study of students’  requirements and needs, as part of their integral preparation at Taif University,  and in line with the University program transformation project. It is geared towards building students personality and knowledge as well as giving them a package of intrinsic and general knowledge and skills, which ultimately contribute to the enrichment of cognitive knowledge and refinement of skills. This is also achieved by the consolidation of values during their study years, including religious, national, social and university values. The Deanship of Supportive Studies, under its umbrella, includes two centres: the English Language Centre and the General Requirements Centre. The aim of which is to give students a package of advanced knowledge and skills. This cannot be achieved without the umbrella of  that draws the general  the Deanship of Supportive Studies framework, strategies and objectives of the two centres and implement them in light of the current needs and requirements of the labour market; and in line with the plans for the transformation and development of all aspects of the educational process in the Kingdom, in order to keep up with the vision of 2030. The  Deanship of Supportive Studies’ vision emerges through maintaining links with the local community and needs of the labour market. This program is based on the clear vision of the University administration, which highly appreciates the role of the Deanship of Supportive Studies in improving the output of the various University Colleges. This is achieved through the improvement of the level of students, and the development of their abilities and skills required for university study. This is to ensure excellence in their professional life after graduation. The continuous support of the University administration has a great impact on the successful implementation of the two academic streams: the general English language requirements as well as the general requirements. The University administration has been keen to provide all means of support to ensure the achievement of quality standards according to the framework of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment.

May Allah Almighty grant you all success.

Dr. Nora Omar Al-Sanea

Dean of the Deanship of Supportive Studies