Conduct university study skills tests using Blackboard

date of publication : 2018-10-18

For the second year the first test was successfully conducted in the university study skills course using the Blackboard system.  

The Dean of the Deanship of Supportive Studies, Dr. Mansour Al-Malki, praised the efforts exerted, pointing to the success of the developmental experiment in the presentation of the course which focuses on the interest of providing students with university study skills, Their success and adaptation during university studies through continuous evaluation during the semester without a final exam in the course.

The Vice Dean and Head of the General Requirements Center Dr. Hisham Al-Humayani pointed out that the experience of the previous year was used in light of the constructive directives of the Dean of the Deanship. The test was carried out in three stages:

Phase 1: Prepare a stored question on the learning management system, and explain the advantages of conducting the test on the Blackboard for students and motivate them to use the system.

Phase 2: Prepare a training test form before the weekly test and train students to test and solve any problems that may appear to students during the performance of the test.

Phase 3: Preparation of test modules and periodic testing using Blackboard.

The coordinator of the course, Mahmoud Fouzi, explained the excellence of the learning management system to the possibility of producing multiple test forms from the question store. The system provides the papers that were used to print and photocopy the tests. The student also provides the result as soon as he finishes answering the questions and presenting the test. Therefore, he invites the faculty members to activate the learning management system in the tests to take advantage of the multiple advantages offered by the system in general courses.