Dean's word



The College of Sharia and Regulations at Taif University is one of the Colleges of Sharia and Regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that contributes to the education of legal science. Its scientific rooting based on the principles of Quran and Sunnah.

The College of Sharia and Regulations at Taif University is considered a distinct beacon in Sharia and legal sciences, which seeks to graduate qualified generations in Sharia and legal sciences, to serve religion and the nation in all fields of education, judiciary, fatwas, law and Sharia consultancy.

The decision to establish it was issued in 1429 AH, and it includes four departments under it: the Sharia Department, the Systems Department, the Readings Department, which includes the Quranic readings and studies programs, and the Islamic Culture Department, which includes the Islamic Studies Program.

The college offers postgraduate programs in master's and doctorate degrees, while the master's is in : jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, doctrine, law, readings, and contemporary Qur'anic studies.

As for the doctoral programs, there are four programs: jurisprudence, usul al-fiqh, readings, and Quranic studies.

The college includes a luminous constellation of eminent professors who are scientifically and academically qualified.

Thanks to God Almighty and then to the rulers of this country, headed by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and his Crown Prince for their continuous support for the faculties of Sharia and regulations.

Thanks are due to His Excellency the President of Taif University, Prof. Yousef Asiri, for his continuous support.

Peace and blessings of God be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.


Your brother

Dean of Sharia and Regulations

Prof. Nasser bin Saud al-Qathami