Laws department definition:

 Law department was created in 1429 e with the establishment of Islamic law and regulations, to teaching law in Taif University; to supply all State institutions and sectors with qualified personnel and specialized in various formal laws.


Our vision:

deploy Islamic Sciences with academic standards.

Department mission:

 preparing specialized competencies in Islamic Sciences to meet community needs.

Department goals:

 preparation of specialized skills in Islamic education the cancepts of Islamic law.

 Definition of the concepts inherent in Islamic law in various areas.

 Create slides from researchers in the field of systems.

 Graduate students  capable of legal advice and appear before the courts and before arbitral either inside or outside the Kingdom.

 Rehabilitation of personnel cadres capable of engaging in investigations at the investigation and prosecution authority or at body control and investigation and all actors and other regulatory bodies.

 Finding qualified in staff drafting regulations and internal laws .

Work on upgrading the quality and professional standards of formal workers through training courses and scientific seminars associated with legitimate studies and regulations that concerns in Saudi Arabia.

Disseminate awareness of rights and order among individuals and different Community institutions to facilitate the work of the various devices and installations and interests in the country, and the end of existence.

Diplomas conferred by department:


Master's degree in law.