Islamic Culture

Department of Islamic culture definition:

 Islamic culture Department was established in 1429 e with the establishment of Islamic law and regulations, to teach Islamic culture for all students of the University, and spreading Islamic culture in society, while maintaining the basic principles upon which The country of moderation.

Department vision:

  •  Spreading Islamic culture that combines tradition and contemporary.
  • Department mission:
  •  Rooting the Islamic culture that combines tradition and contemporary at the University and society.
  • Our goals:
  • Definition of the foundations of Islamic civilization, and highlight the characteristics of the Muslim community about issues of family and society, politics and economy.
  • Reasons for deviation from some concepts of orthodoxy, and to clarify the proper approach in dealing with him.
  • Highlighting the universality of Islam through research and studies.
  • Connecting curriculum contemporary Muslim community issues.
  • Provide students and university students with good science and ethical approach to defend Islam and defend the protectors, misconceptions and malevolent haters of Islam through materials provided by the Department to all students of the University.
  • Explain the principles of Islam and its concepts, values and morals, and his judgments, and organized by the vision and scientific manner.

Diplomas conferred by department: