Islamic law Department:


Islamic law Department began as a division of the Faculty of education and it was named the Department of Islamic studies, in 27/05/1400, it fallowed King Abdul Aziz University, then it becomes a part of to the um -alqura University under the high command no (4187) 27/10/1402, after Decent high command creates Taif University was restructuring of colleges and departments of the University and under the high command No. (14/35/1426) 18/10/1426 to restructure the Faculty of education, the Faculty of Islamic Studies Department became under the umbrella of the Faculty of Arts, in 1428 the Department was renamed Department of sharia and Islamic studies, in 1429 the Islamic law and regulation college was established and the Department of sharia joined it .

Our vision:

Spread popularize the Islamic sciences with scientific originality academic exuberance and modern presence.

Department mission:

Preparing distinguished cadres in the field of Sharia that meet the requirements of the labor market, scientific research and society.

Department goals:

Providing high quality teaching and learning in the field of Sharia in an attractive academic environment.
Giving students the knowledge, skills, values ​​of excellence and creativity to develop them professionally for life in the field of Sharia.
Motivating students to be creative in the field of Sharia and applying basic research skills and scientific research ethics related to it
Enhancing effective partnership with the community in the field of Sharia.

Degrees offered by department:

Bachelor. Master's degree in the disciplines of Fiqh and Usul al-fiqh and belief.