Islamic law Department:


Islamic law Department began as a division of the Faculty of education and it was named the Department of Islamic studies, in 27/05/1400, it fallowed King Abdul Aziz University, then it becomes a part of to the um -alqura University under the high command no (4187) 27/10/1402, after Decent high command creates Taif University was restructuring of colleges and departments of the University and under the high command No. (14/35/1426) 18/10/1426 to restructure the Faculty of education, the Faculty of Islamic Studies Department became under the umbrella of the Faculty of Arts, in 1428 the Department was renamed Department of sharia and Islamic studies, in 1429 the Islamic law and regulation college was established and the Department of sharia joined it .

Our vision:

Spread popularize the Islamic sciences with scientific originality academic exuberance and modern presence.

Department mission:

 Predation of specialized personal in the areas of Islamic science and laws alongside the scientific research according to academic standards.

Department goals:

Teaching Islamic laws from reliable sources using educational methods and calculations.

 Contribute to the Islamic awareness within society.

 Instilling Islamic concepts and correct misguided ideas.

 Preparation of outstanding scientific competencies, and absorbed the Islamic sciences and systems of scholars, muftis, judges, notaries, writers, lawyers, preachers, evangelists, teachers and members of the bah and investigative and prosecutorial members, consultants, researchers and others.

Serving society through community service programs and educational activities and research.

Enriching Islamic library research with specialized legitimacy research on Islamic laws.

 Development of scientific research in the Sciences of Sharia’s, and participate in jurisprudence.

 Participation of legitimate authorities concerned to address contemporary issues of calamity in providing appropriate solutions to emerging issues.

Degrees offered by department:

Bachelor. Master's degree in the disciplines of Fiqh and Usul al-fiqh and belief.