Taif University readings department is one of the rare specialties , it concerns it self with the  readings of Koran studying both the theoretical and applicable sides of the science it also deals with copying  the Koran and how it is regulated the numbering of the Aye’s, as well as the science of Fiqh and interpretation and exegesis, Koran, in addition to studying forensic science and Arabic constituent that contribute to cognitive construction integrated student and develop his skills: as Fiqh, Hadith, Arabic language and religion, and others, and other academic requirements, this In undergraduate studies. Has been approved to open a new path to the Quran and Sunnah in the Department, and began a study of the academic year 1439/1440.  The Department also offers under graduate programs master program of readings, which qualifies the student scientifically to higher levels in Koranic readings examine big ten readings, and some science readings and pay her suspicions, curricular research and study with information sources, etc. The Department also offers a variety of materials in other faculties as the Quran, Quran Sciences decision, and the decision of the TVs.


Department vision:

Spread the knowledge of science readings and revived it among the nation.

Department mission:

 Graduate students specializing in Koran readings and highly skilled, to be references in this art.

Our goals:

 Associate student with the of book Allah almighty recitation and memorization, and consciously, pursuant to.

Give high skills student to read full Quran readings frequent 10 and qualify for the chain of the Messenger Allah bless him and read it through the Senate on leave.

Train students how to write the Koran drawing Ottoman approved drawing and figure out a way to systemize it.

Provide student support and special Sciences Koran explanation to be able to understand the words of Allah almighty and communicated to people.

Developing the skills of reading and thinking and scientific research, graduates to continue their studies.

Needs of the society in various fields such as education, advocacy, leadership, consulting, and other vital areas.

Community service through specialized courses, seminars, lectures in the Quran and Sunnah.