• to disseminate the legislative Islamic science and raise awareness about its importance among all categories of the community.

• To Contribute to spread awareness of regulationsin the community.

• Preparation and qualification of specialized competencies in the Holy Quran Recitation, the Holy Quran and its related sciences.

• To promote the identity of this country and its Islamic specificity.

• Participate in Qualifying of scientists , thinkers specialized in Islamic law and regulations.

• Preparation of judicial, Islamic call, and other academically qualified competenciesprofessionally fit.

• Contribute to the qualifying of researchers, professors specialized in Islamic sciences and regulationsable to provide legal solutions to contemporary issues.

• Provide legal, intellectual, and official advice to relevant authorities.

• Organizing of Training courses and specialized diplomas to serve the relevant authorities.

• Contribute to the qualifying of a Category of Muslim students of scholarships .