the commercial arbitration competition

date of publication : 2020-11-02

The law Department announces call for nominations for its students  to participate in the commercial arbitration competition presented by the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration, in its second round, according to the following conditions.
 1-  A student should not be expected to be a graduate this semester.
 2_ Grade Point Average should not be less than 2.5 out of 4 for both female and male students.
 3_ The student must have passed the following subjects (Commercial Law - Evidence - Arbitration - 
 Judicial Procedures Act). The college can accept the applications for   those who passed some of those modules to enter the competition
 4-  The student should pass an interview
 If you are interested and meet all the abovementioned conditions please send your application to the following e-mail with the mobile number and student ID attached:

 For male students
 For female students

 Competition Deadline: 19/3/1442 in Hijiri Date,  5/11/2020