Be Healthy Crew" joined the university volunteering committee"

date of publication : 2019-02-18

His Excellency Dr. Hossam Zaman approved the joining of the volunteer team "Be Healthy Crew" as the representative of the College of Pharmacy for the voluntary work family under the umbrella of the Deanship of Community Service  represented by the volunteer work unit.

Team Vision:

Towards a society with a healthy and pharmaceutical culture.

Team Mission:

The establishment of an integrated volunteer team with multiple experiences and capabilities.

Be Healthy Crew Members:

Team leader Yazeed Ibrahim Alotaibi
Dupty leader  Noura Abdulrahman Alsharif
Chairman of Cultural and Awarness committee Bashayr Abdullah Alkhaili
Head of Public Relation Yazid Saad Alghamdi
Chairman of Cultural committee Thamer Hamoud Alqthami
Chairman of Adisory Committee Muhannah Awad Alqurashi
Chairman of the Events committee Maryam Ghassan Niazi

Team Goals:

1- Increasing awareness of medication in community.

2 - Dissemination of volunteer thinking among members of society.

3 - Correcting the false drug beliefs in community.

4 - Show the role of pharmacist in the community services.

5. Building cooperation between volunteers, associations and civil and governmental institutions in the health fields.