world Osteoporosis Day

date of publication : 2018-12-18
Taif University participated in the International Day of Osteoporosis, where several health departments from the Faculty of Medicine, Applied Medical Sciences and Pharmacy took part in the students'The campaign included an awareness exhibition, which included awareneselements about the most important precautions for the patient of vulnerability both inside the home or in the hospital, and how to deal with him in case of injury.
The exhibition presented samples and leaflets explaining the foods to be addressed to promote vitamins resistant to diseases such as vitamin D, calcium and the most important sources of these vitamins.Also provided his visitors with a healthy lifestyle to prevent the disease, through proper nutrition, sports, exposure to the sun and other healthy habits.
Several free health services were offered through the exhibition, including the possibility of testing the level of vitamin D in blood at the laboratories of the University Medical Services Center, referral of suspected cases to specialists in the Center, and referral to clinics and specialized centers.
During the campaign, the awareness of the attendees and visitors to the awareness exhibition on osteoporosis was investigated through questionnaires that will be used for future studies in this field.