Clinical Skills Lab


  1. Definition of different methods of medical examination .
  2. 2- Definition of medical scientific background of clinical skills .
  3. 3- Training of students to become critical thinkers with understanding the importance of life-long learning.


  1. Preparing of student to be efficient in the hospital.
  2. Building of the clinical skills of medical students for medical general practice after graduation.


1- Develop

  • A training programs according to the needs of each module
  • A private staff members for clinical skills training
  • A checklist for every skill to define steps of this skill .


  •  A reading material for every skill , it is a guide for students and tutors .
  • A training models and other tools
  • C.D for every skill is presented by expert matter .
  • A fixed and suitable places for training
  • Assessment program for students and tutors

3- Design

  • A time table for skills training sessions for every educational phase
  • A local evaluation program for facilitators


  • Students of every educational phase into fixed small groups with tutor for each group .

5- Create

  • Administrative skeleton of clinical skills center to facilitate the work and coordinate between different activities of clinical skills center