Abdullah Mohammaed Saud Alsaluli

Certificate Name Certificate University Certificate Date
الدكتوراه في Civil Engineering Coventry University 19/07/2017
الماجستير في Engineering and Technology Huddersfield University 18/10/2010
Research Name Research Date Submitted Research Link
Reduction of local scour around a bridge pier by using different shapes of pier slots and collars 2020-01-01 12:00:00 AM
Role of clay minerals in the improvement of water quality in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) 2019-10-10 12:00:00 AM
Place Name Experince From To
Ministry of Water & Electricity -The Branch of General Directorate of Water in Bisha Department Head - (Engineer)
Cource Name place Cource Date
Academic Leadership Ministry of Education - King Abdulaziz University 21/12/2017
Global Leaders Programme Coventry University 03/11/2017
Value Engineering Ministry of Water & Electricity 23/06/2008
Training Programme of Engineering Students Saudi Electricity Company 03/07/2005
Award/invention Doner Place Date
Distinction Award of the PhD Stage Saudi Cultural bureau in London 15/09/2014
Distinction Award of the MSc Stage Cultural bureau in London 25/10/2010
Committee Name Committee Type Join Date
Institutional Transition Committee at the Taif University خارج الجامعة 10/06/2018
Students Affairs and Industry Relationship Committee (SAIRC), Civil Engineering Department, Taif University داخل الجامعة 20/08/2017
International Water Association (IWA), London, UK داخل الجامعة 28/04/2014
Arab Water Council داخل الجامعة 05/03/2013
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