Students of the Faculty of Engineering control the gold production line at the gold mine in Duwahei

date of publication : 2018-11-25

In accordance with the directives of the Director of the University of Taif, Dr. Hussam Abdel Wahab Zaman, and in the framework of the results of the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Taif University and the Saudi Arabian Mining Company "Ma'aden" in April 2018.         Under the patronage supervision of Prof. Dr. Mosleh M. Alharthi, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, a group of final year students at the Department of Mechanical Engineering (the number of 7 students ) At the Faculty of Engineering visited a two-day scientific visit to the gold mine plant in Al-Duaihi area (one of Taif province) to study the application of their graduation project entitled "Applications of industrial controllers in the field of mining and gold industry" under the supervision of Dr. Abdullah Al-Kethami and Dr. / Hesham Mahmoud Awad, Department of Mining Engineering College.

Dr. Hesham Awad, the official of the mining file at the Faculty of Engineering, said that the area of Al-Duwahei is 380 km away from the city of Taif, located south of Taif Road Riyadh. The mine, has started the production two years ago, is one of the largest gold mines in the Kingdom. The Ore hosted by acidic rhyolite rocks.

The students and supervisors briefed the supervisors on the stages of extracting the ore from the mine, which undergoes the crushing and grinding of the raw rocks at the site, followed by different chemical processes and phases to extract the gold from the ore.

The students discussed and interviewed the company's employees from engineers and technicians about the various control processes in the production line for the purpose of implementing their graduation project. The employees answered all the questions and inquiries with all the affection and tenderness of the students and even helped the students to choose the locations and control points to be applied in the gold production line through graduation project.

The students and the accompanying delegation expressed great happiness and positive reaction to this visit and its results which were successful by all standards and demanded more visits to the various production sites to enrich the educational process and gain experience and direct contact with the production sites.