Curricula and Educational Techniques

The Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology in Brief:

The Department of Curricula and teaching techniques was established after the graduation of the University of Taif to a proposal to restructure the Faculty of Education, to separate the literary sections from the teaching of them, and was approved by the decision of the Council of Higher Education on 10/5/1427 Ah, and the high approval on the date of 18/8/1427 Ah, and the literary sections were separated Education by the executive decision of His Excellency Director on 17/9/1427 Ah, since that date the department began to perform its tasks and educational objectives as a supporting section for the rest of the college, and to provide its programs and plans to support the educational and educational process, and to meet the urgent needs of the environment and society.
Degrees awarded by the Department:
• M.Sc. curriculum and methods of teaching Islamic studies. 
• Master Degree in Arabic language curriculum and teaching methods. 
• Master of Mathematics curriculum and teaching methods. 
• Master of Science curriculum and methods of teaching. 
• Master of English language courses and methods of teaching
• Higher Diploma Specialization of the general education programme. 

• Contact information:
Postal address: Taif-University of Taif-Faculty of Education-Department of Curricula and teaching techniques-P.O. Box: 888 al-Hayah-Taif 21944.
• Internal: 1069-1067-7342208-012-00966 • E-mail: