Programs and courses to develop the abilities of teachers in the University of Taif

date of publication : 2018-11-01

Taif University has confirmed its efforts to offer many programs, courses and activities for teachers, which aim to develop their abilities and educational and learning potential.
During its celebration of World Teachers Day, Taif University officials stressed the university's keenness to harmonize the outcomes of its programs, courses and activities aimed at teachers with the goals of the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and the National Transition Program 2020, and with their operational programs, Aimed at developing the education sector in the Kingdom and developing national human resources.
The Taif University celebration of World Teachers Day, which was held in the two parts of the students, included several events related to the teacher, honoring the distinguished and distinguished graduates of the educational diploma.
The Vice Rector for academic Affairs and Development, Dr. Abdulrahman bin Awad al-Alasmari, in his speech during the celebration, highlighted the importance of celebrating World Teachers Day, which is celebrated on the 5th of October each year, in commemoration of the signing of the joint recommendation issued by the International Labour Organization and UNESCO. Praising the great role of the teacher in the transfer of science and knowledge to the young, as well as the basic educational course to build a generation characterized by distinctive personal qualities, noting the nobility message of the teacher.
For his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Taif Bakr bin Abdul Baset Bakr al-Kamal, said that the university seeks to provide many programs aimed at teachers, including a master's degree in educational leadership, pedagogy, curricula, teaching methods and education for its various pathways.
The University College of Education awarded a bachelor's degree in special education, physical education and early childhood, noting that the educational Diploma Programme had recently been developed, in collaboration with the UNESCO Regional Centre for Quality and excellence in education, in the light of the initiatives of the Programme Transformation Project in Taif University, which is in line with the kingdom's vision 2030 and its requirements, and keeping abreast of what international universities offer in teacher training programs.
Dr. Kamal said that during the last summer vacation, the college organized 24 training courses for 800 teachers in the curriculum and methods of teaching science, mathematics, English language and special education, in the context of integration with the Ministry of Education, pointing to the launch of the Partnership project between the University of Taif, represented by the college Education, with the General Directorate of Education in Taif Governorate, which is an important project to serve the student, the student and the workers in the educational field.
Dr. Kamal stressed that this partnership will work to open up prospects for the development of work between the two sides and to take advantage of the national cadres and the possibilities that exist at Taif University and the General Administration of education in Taif.
The programme to celebrate the World Teacher's Day at Taif University included several brief presentations about the teacher in several parts and contents, including the "Teacher between quality and innovation", "The history of education in Saudi Arabia-the teacher between yesterday and present ", and  "modern courses. See Watan  ", and " teacher in Islam  ", and tests the competencies of teachers.
The Vice rector for student Affairs, Dr. Eman Al-Zahrani, thanked the Rector for his sponsorship and interest in activating the celebration of World Teacher's day, and extended sincere gratitude to all the faculty members of the University, as directed by the Vice-dean of Education, Dr. Shatha Farag, greetings to all Members Teaching staff and teachers everywhere, describing them as the "symbol of giving, excellence and accomplishment."