scientific research

The Scientific Research Unit holds several seminars, conferences and workshops with a timetable to develop the scientific and research skills of faculty members as well as students of the College of Design and Applied Arts to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and increase research awareness of the basics of scientific research from writing and designing scientific projects and obtaining the necessary financial support for such projects and publishing Results in top research and scientific journals. Where the Scientific Research and Graduate Studies Unit was established for the purpose of developing and upgrading scientific research in various technical fields and raising the efficiency of research faculty members to the international level.
unit vision:
That the Scientific Research Unit at the College of Design and Applied Arts be one of the references in the field of scientific and applied research.
Unit message:
The mission of the Scientific Research Unit at the College of Designs and Applied Arts is to raise awareness among researchers in the technical and applied fields about writing scientific projects and conducting and publishing high-quality scientific research.

Scientific Research Unit

Dr. Noura Dajani, President
Dr. Elham Abdel Aziz, supervisor of the unit
Dr. Aziz Elaraby Member
Dr. Reham Elaraby Member
Dr. Samira Al-Otaibi Member
Dr Malak Umm Al-Zein is a member